8th Grade (14U)

The 8th Grade season prepares the boys for stepping up to the demands of playing at the high school level. Coach Pittman pushes them to play with high precision and intensity. This is the season to master fundamentals and excel on the court prior to entering the high school system.

Throughout the 10 week season the team will compete in 6 tournaments with 2 weekly practices.

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Final Roster

Below you will find the final roster for the 14U 8th grade boys MTXE Spring team. We wish we could take all the boys on this team, but I’ve only got 15 roster spots. I was very impressed with the group as a whole. I saw a lot of energy and kids really giving their best on the court. If you did not make this team, please keep playing basketball! I would love to see you at a future tryout.

  • Aiden Portee
  • Andrew Durieux
  • Josh Yimtatu
  • Max Cervenka
  • Michael Dee
  • Miguel Mejia
  • Nathan Mancini
  • Noah Jacobellis
  • Pace Bottoms
  • Reid Bentley
  • Robert Gonzalez
  • Ryan Adams
  • Ryan Kim
  • Tyler Navarro
  • William Edwards

If you’ve been selected for your team, please email Coach Wolf (williamwolf19@gmail.com) with the following information:

  • Name of Child
  • Jersey Size (one size fits all)
  • Mother’s Name
  • Mother’s Phone Number
  • Mother’s Email
  • Father’s Name
  • Father’s Phone Number
  • Father’s Email


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8th Grade (14U)